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(Map from Infinite City, 2010.)

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"Tell them," he would tell his two daughters, Maxima and Maria Ynitia, as they both gathered with him. "Tell them, tell your children, tell your grandchildren, to tell their children and grandchildren, to tell their grandchildren.....Tell them never to forget our People. Tell them we were here for thousands of years. Tell them that that all changed. Tell them that we were a Peaceful and Happy People. Tell your children, in words that they will never forget!"

"Why has this happened to us, Papa," Maxima and Maria would take turns talking. "We will tell them, we'll tell our children, and they will tell thiers, and for generations on down, they will tell the Story of a People that once were here, in large numbers, our ancestors, for many many hundreds and thousands of years, dwelled on the land, freely to roam in harmony with Nature, the way we were taught, the way of our People. We will tell them, Papa."

"Tell them that they brought the diseases, they incarcerated us in what were supposed to be safe houses, Missions. They made the laws. Be strong, Maxima and Maria. It's up to you two to carry on the lineage and the heritage. Fight with all you have to preserve our history and our ways, even if that means your voice. Sit with whoever will listen, and tell them the story of Our People, The Coast Miwok (of the Southern Marin Area.) We fished these waters, we hunted these grounds, we fed our People, we danced the ceremonies. We loved our family, we were surrounded by our family. We watched the same waters of the San Francisco Bay that they will see generations after us. Tell them, Girls, Never To Forget Us!"

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