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The mission of the Coast Miwok of Southern Marin Project is to provide support and increase awareness regarding the Coast Miwok's historical, present, and future significance. Through a range of initiatives, our project aims to commemorate and preserve the history of the Coast Miwok people in Marin, promoting cultural awareness and acknowledging and celebrating the enduring presence of the Indigenous communities in the region. We hold a deep understanding of the Coast Miwok's profound connection to the land and the challenges they have faced in the past, including enslavement, violence, forced migrations, and land theft.

In order to honor their culture and legacy, our project intends to install a statue of a Coast Miwok Dancer, shedding light on the Indigenous Peoples of Marin and their roles as culture-keepers and healers. Through various platforms such as online resources, gatherings, and cultural events, we strive to inspire people of all ages to explore the rich cultural traditions of the Miwok People, fostering connections and fostering appreciation within communities and the broader Bay Area.

For countless generations, the Coast Miwok people have served as caretakers of the land now known as Marin, living harmoniously and peacefully. Unfortunately, their population has significantly declined greatly but resilient and still thriving.

We also will be digitizing the Marin Historical Manuscripts left by Robert C. Thomas. Additionally, we are dedicated to repairing the graveyard and replacing the existing white crosses with proper headstones. Through these efforts, we aim to preserve the historical records left by Thomas and provide a dignified resting place for the Coast Miwok ancestors.

The Coast Miwok of Southern Marin Project seeks to inspire individuals of all ages, from locals to tourists, to actively seek information about the cultural traditions of the Miwok People of Marin. By promoting education and understanding, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation and respect for the Miwok culture and heritage.

Sculpture by Will Pettee of WJP Studios, Monterey, California

Introducing the Coast Miwok Dancer maquette! It's receiving rave reviews. Please contribute, share, or volunteer to help make this project a reality. We're exploring permanent locations in Marin County and in the fundraising phase. Your support will have a significant impact on preserving and honoring Coast Miwok culture.

Who were the first Peoples In Marin?

Hopland COast Miwok.png

 Marin Coast Miwoks!

The earth of Marin County, defiled now by foreign hands,

is still as pure as the day that our ancestors, the Coast Miwoks of Southern Marin Band, left it.

Listen to our story...

 We are direct lineal descendants of Olompali (Chief Camillo Ynitia), (Novato),  with ancestorial ties to 

Olompali Village (Novato),

Huimen (Sausalito) Southern Marin Coast Miwok descended

encompassing Sausalito to Novato, from Tiberon to Bolinas.



Coast Miwok of Southern Marin
Sausalito, California

415.876.9298  |
Coast Miwok of Southern Marin Project is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit
EIN 84-3357267
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 Mu'k-'am Ka 'I-ni'iko

   We are all family!

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2020 Created by Coast Miwok Marin Monument Statue Project.   We are direct descendants of Camillo Ynitia (Camilo Ynitia) of the Coast Miwok of Olompali.

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