Who were the first Peoples In Marin?

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 Marin Coast Miwoks!

The earth of Marin County, defiled now by foreign hands,

is still as pure as the day that our ancestors, the Coast Miwoks of Southern Marin Band, left it.

Listen to our story...

 We are direct lineal descendants of Olompali (Chief Camillo Ynitia), (Novato),  with ancestorial ties to 

Tamal’ko Coast Miwok of the Huukuiko Band for the village of Etcha Tamal (Nicasio), 

and Liwanelowa , Huimen,

(Sausalito), and all over Marin County!



Coast Miwok of Southern Marin
Sausalito, California

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We are direct descendants of Camillo Ynitia (Camilo Ynitia) of the Coast Miwok of Olompali. www.marinmiwok.com

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FOOTNOTE:  Just ffyi, Coast Miwok descendants admins of  this page are not members of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, FIGR, nor related to Greg Sarris. or MAPOM nor members of the Coast Miwok Council of Marin.  We descend more from inland Marin Coast Miwok.  We respect  and fully support all relations and support ALL of our brothers and sisters and cousins and relations in all endeavors to make a difference on indigenous peoples of California!  WE STAND TOGETHER IN SOLIDARITY!