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Coast Miwok of Southern Marin Project

 Marin Coast Miwok Descendants

About Maria Ynitia... 1.4 minutesAbout Maria Ynitia
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 Lucina Vidauri, Headwoman and Coast Miwok Elder, Olompali, Novato.  
Gr... Grand-daughter of Chief Camillo Ynitia

The earth of Marin County, defiled now by foreign hands,

is still as pure as the day that our ancestors, the Coast Miwoks of Southern Marin Band, left it.

Listen to our story...

 We are direct lineal descendants of Olompali (And the last Chief of Marin County

Camillo Ynitia born in Sausalito, Huiman Tribe),  with ancestorial ties to Olompali Village (Novato),

Ancestorial ties to Sausalito, Tiburon, San Rafael, Corte Madera, Ross, Larkspur, Bolinas, Strawberry, Nacasio, Novato, Petaluma

and the smaller towns in between

Mu’k-‘am Ka ‘I-ni’iko:

We are all family

2020 Created by Coast Miwok of Southern Marin Project.  w

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