Thankful so many...

Thankful for Stephanie, thankful for Robbie, thankful for all the donors, thankful for all the supporters, thankful for Joseph S, thankful for the Eastbay Hills People, thankful San Geronimo, thankful for Abbot, thankful for the Marin IJ, thankful for KWMR, thankful for Mari and Kat, thankful for my family, thankful for the cousins that have gotten in contact with us and provided the picture! Thankful for the "artist" for hanging in there! There is much to be thankful for, in this Coast Miwok Native American Project!


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Black Point in Novato

what this means is that Black Point was named after the first black man in Marin and should remain and be honored.  that's what West Indies Island means.  John Pincston was a slave kidnapped from the

Sir Francis Drake

Much of my source regarding Sir Francis Drake is from my Father. And reading. He wrote a book about Drake. i'm reprinting second addition. After my father passed away in 2008 I inherited all his stuff