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Thank you for spending part of Indigenous People's Day with us. It was fun, except for the technical difficulties. No worries, we are rusty and have not done the Zoom meetings in a while but we are planning another around November 20thish, and will post. Will be showing the final version of the maquette of the Dancer/warrior Miwok! It's beautiful! At the artist request, we are not posting pictures yet. He's not done. :-) We would like to have monthly 30 minute zoom meetings just to quickly show you the progress of the projects, which we will post info on (and I promise no more tech difficulties! We are going to Zoom School!)

(Just an update on the statue project, to date we have raised almost $20,000! We are a quarter or so of the way to our final goal! Will did an amazing job on the Dancer Miwok Maquette! I can't wait or the final 7.5ish foot tall version! We're getting there! Thank you so much for your support! Kaopyati nii!)

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