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Sir Francis Drake

Much of my source regarding Sir Francis Drake is from my Father. And reading. He wrote a book about Drake. i'm reprinting second addition. After my father passed away in 2008 I inherited all his stuff. I wanted to learn more about Drake and spent many days researching and studying and what I found was that he traveled around South America, went into many ports there, that weren’t ports then, and attacked the villages! From what I read he had no regard for Native lives and thought of them as animals. There was a story about him or one of his men slicing a Native that crossed their path and thinking nothing of it. Unfortunately I did not document or keep all what I found, but I can do it all again, all the research and come up with the places I found this info. I had to dig deep, most of what is written about him is whitewashed. Of course England doesn’t want to be given a bad name. Take this writing from about Drake: “2. He began his career as a slave trader. Drake went to sea as a young man, but his first major expeditions came in the 1560s, when he joined a cousin named John Hawkins on some of Britain’s earliest slave trading voyages to West Africa. The pair usually procured their human cargo by attacking native villages or attacking Portuguese slave ships” Take the words “attack native villages,” maybe people have different ideas on what that means but in my mind, that means violence and murder. Unless of course during these “attacks” the native layed down and let Drake take the Human Cargo easily adn they were "peaceful" attacks, but I think, and I’m sure you agree, that that was probably the case, that there was much chaos and death! Fletcher is the only book written by someone who traveled with Drake, The World Encompassed, who’s writings are based on notes from Fletcher. 1579 was when Drake sailed, and Drake’s nephew wrote the book in 1628, that’s a 49 years later! AND Drakes journals on his time in the area happen to conveniently be destroyed. Do you think that Drakes nephew may want to put his Uncle in a good light and maybe leave out some of the bad parts? Because I can tell you, based on the artifacts found in this County, there was a huge population of Miwoks, and I know many say diseases, this and that, but they were gone in a matter of 20 years once the Colonial invasion. To me, it would make much more sense that Drake is the reason that so many are gone. And do you think that him going around South American and attacking the Natives and then all of a sudden finding a soft spot in his Heart for the Miwok People? I heard that Drake had no regard for the Natives and thought of them as animals and had no problems slicing them up. Not sure why he would spare the Coast Miwok, but he may have. We just don’t know at this point. “The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake, Being His Next Voyage to That to Nombre de Dios Formerly Imprinted: Carefully Collected out of the Notes of Master Francis Fletcher, Preacher in This Imployment Description This work of 1628 is the first edition of the earliest detailed account of the voyage around the world by Sir Francis Drake in 1577-80. It includes a frontspiece with a portrait of Drake and a double-globed map of the world. Drake’s was the second successful circumnavigation, after that of Ferdinand Magellan in 1519-22. Setting out with five ships and 160 men, Drake used his voyage to attack Spanish shipping and search for new territories and maritime routes. This work is based on the notes of Francis Fletcher, who sailed with Drake, and was compiled by Drake’s nephew. Drake himself is known to have kept a journal of the voyage, which he presented to Queen Elizabeth I, but this work has not survived. Fletcher was not very friendly to Drake, and someone – most likely Drake’s nephew – appears to have edited Fletcher’s account, as can be seen in a comparison between Fletcher’s original (an unpublished version of which has survived and is in the British Library), and this account. Drake’s voyage angered the Spanish, but it did much to broaden English knowledge about the world, paving the way for later explorations and marking an important step in Britain’s rise as a naval and colonial power.” All the other many writings of Drake were written mostly in the 19th and 20 century, many years later and based off of likely to be inaccurate original accounts. Fletcher’s notes are the only notes from anyone on that ship. On Greg Sarris, I don’t even know why you mention him or bring up a tribe that is 95 percent Pomo and hardly has a presence in Marin. Greg has Native American in him, some percentage, but who only discovered that when he was in College. So not sure what he even has to do with the Topic of Sir Francis Drake. They Speculate he landed in Drakes Bay and Greg was there for that event, but that doesn't make it a fact to go by, but not much else happening with this tribe up North. Are we to consult with Ohlone, Patwin, Wappo? Not sure what him having heard or read has anything to do with anything. Let the local Coast Miwok have an input in the name decision, if it comes down to a Coast Miwok name, that will be the respectful thing to do here. This is their land and their ancestors' land and they have every right. As a local Miwok, I'm highly insulted by those of you going right past my family, going right to this tribe up north of "offered" to be a part of the decision making. My family is very confused and hurt by this when you know we are here. People can have any belief they want of why the Women scratched their faces. But I hardly believe what you have just said about seeing their ancestors or the dead or whatever. It’s more likely that they were terrified because they were watching some horrific scenes being played out in their family right before their eyes. There is a family legacy that has survived in my family, something about the Natives being tossed in the Ravines. It’s highly possible, with his disregard for human life, that they were tossing the Natives in the Ravines as the Women watched in horror, their children and family. How would Greg know the reason they scratched their faces? Where is that accountability? Does he know that cause he read that somewhere? So much of history is written from a colonial point of view. We will never know the truth of what happened, when can only go by what likely happened. And we base that of what previously happened and what the pattern was. And his pattern was "attacking Native Villages," and I don't know why he would spare the Coast Miwoks and maybe he did, but maybe he didn't.

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