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Updated: Sep 17

Historically the Coast Miwok lived on the land known as Marin County for thousands and thousands of years. They lived on the land peacefully with villages everywhere by the thousands.

There is a rock at Bootjack Campground that we imagine that the Coast Miwok could get a full view of the Bay from there. It's a magical place. It's a place to sit, ponder, and remember the days of Coast Miwok past. There is so much beauty in the year-round running creek.

The campground is full of trails that likely started with the Coast Miwok at one time. The place has an ambiance of beauty that they, Coast Miwok, enjoyed for so long.

I have lived in Marin all of my life and am happy to see the recent changes in Acknowledging the local Coast Miwok. My husband and children are all Native American which brings me close to it all.

I have recently found out that the name bothers

the local Coast Miwok. After speaking with several campers on a recent camping trip, it was brought to our attention that the name is not well-liked and is very inappropriate as a name for such a beautiful and Historical area.

When we looked up the definition, we found out that the name BootJack is a slang for stealing. We also found out that Jack Boot (bootjack switched words) is also the slang for Thugs! Does the name represent the Thugs who stole this land from the Coast Miwok in the mid-1800s? It's likely to be that just like they named Wounde

d Knee and also Bloody Island, Those names were to memorialize a bad historical event, chosen by the pioneers and intimidate the Local Natives.

Admittedly, this is not a “pleasant” name and a very inappropriate name for educating children and adults on the History of Marin County. We need to have a positive name that will be thought-provoking for adults and children alike. "Bookjack" really sounds like an angry, violent pioneer! We can't have that. Needless to say, the Bootjack Creek name can be changed at the same time as well.

Many State Parks' names are being changed to get away from intimidating the Local Natives and we would appreciate it if the State Park wo

uld consider the change and make the change. It's a time for change and the time is now.

If this is a "historic campground," it needs to have the proper historical name. We would like you to consider Miwok Rock Campground but we will consider any indigenous name in the Coast Miwok language and be happy with that name rat

her than the disturbing name of Bookjack Campground.

Please join us in our efforts to change the State Park name. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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