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Mt. Tamalpais

Excerpt: "As if by a miracle, the English crew suddenly found their ship to be at rest, anchored in what appeared to be a protected and safe harbor. As they watched the sun settle down behind the mountains that were now on their west, they speculated on the possibility of hostile life about this bay, Native or Spanish, and rejoiced at its climate, not much warmer than that from which they had just come, but, at least, not cursed with high winds or fog, or so they thought on this day, their first day in this Fit Harborough, for they could not know of the cold and foggy days that were to come. Much of their interest turned to one relatively high mountain amongst those on the land to the west which, with the help of their simple instruments, they were able to estimate as having a height of well over 2,000 feet. Even though this was June, its peak and higher slopes were capped with snow, just as had been many of the coastal hills to the north. This was Tamalpais (tamal : bay or coast, and pais : mountain) in the language of The South People."

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