Miwok Statue update!

Updated: Jul 26

Hi All! Just to give an update. 1. We have paid the artist a total of around $12,500 at this point for one maquette and two surprises that are in the works, so just to let you know how serious this project is. 2. In October, on the 10th, likely we'll have a Zoom with an update to show you what we have been working on. 3. We are just in a quiet time at this time, not really promoting the gofundme or fundraising until October, and then it will all start moving again. (but we will take any donations you could find). 4. We have new volunteers to help onboard so we're really excited about that! (but we could always use more and they are never turned away!)

Thank you for your patience! Had a feeling this would be a long project and we are not giving up until it's done!

gofundme link:

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