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Black Point in Novato

what this means is that Black Point was named after the first black man in Marin and should remain and be honored.  that's what West Indies Island means.  John Pincston was a slave kidnapped from the west indies and brought to America and Reuben Knox freed Him. **********************************************' excerpt:  -"an adopted daughter" of Camillo Ynitia, apparently Mary Aridiana Ynitia, b. ca 1844.  "Indian" (1860 census) m. Samuel John (S.J. on 1860 census) Pingston of Pinston, b. ca 1820, in the "West Indies Islands."  Mary seems too young to have had the children below.  Their children were: -Juan Jose Pinston b. Feb. 1852 "Mul. male" on 1860 census, to whom Camillo Ynitia deeded a portion of Olompali.  He married Maria Mary 27 Aug. 1868. -Mary Adelina Pinston b. 1856, bpt 8 Feb. 1868 at San Rafael Mission.  Witnesses:  Maria G. Sais, an Susana Vesca (Wescott?)  "Mul." (1860 census) married  John Sampson Williams b. 1860 and d. 30 Oct 1940.  Their children were: -John Sampson Williams b. 22 Sept 1886 and d. 1962 -Grace Dorothy Williams b. 9 July 1888 and d. 1900 -Mary Louisa Williams b. 3 Sept. 1890.  She married Joe La Forge.  No children.

*******************************************************   i would think it should remain the same name an honored.  Camillo deeded it to him, John Pincston, aka Juan Picston, because he married Camillo's step daughter. Various accounts of the life and times of Camillo Ynitia, the grantholder of Olompali, differ considerably.  He had descendants by both of his daughters, Maria Antonia and Maxima Antonia.  His son, Juan Pablo, died as a child.  His "adopted daughter" or "goddaughter" married John Pinkston of the West Indies, who apparently came to California with Joseph Alexander Knox, who married Maria Antonia.  Descendants of this family live in Sacramento. According to Dr. Robert Thomas, a descendant of Maria Antonia Knox, Camillo's wife Cayetana was the daughter of chief Marin.  But the applications for enrollment in the 1928 California Indian rolls state that Cayetana was from either Panama or the Yucatan Peninsula, and that she married a man who came to San Rafael and died there.  She subsequently married Camillo. These records also call Camillo, Ignacio Camillo, and say the town of Ignacio is name for him.  I believe Ignacio is a version of the much less familiar Ynitia.  All other records say Ignacio is named for Ignacio Pacheco, an early settler.  The spelling of Camillo's first name is not very important.  There is a Spanish saint Camillo or Camilo for whom he was named.  Someone could check. The Panama source and the name Ignacio also the tradition among the descenants of Camillo's second daughter Maxima Antonia (Bennett) (Willard) (McCabe).  Unfortunately these applications for enrollment also state that Camillo was the son of a general Castro.  I doubt this because 1) the San Rafael Mission records of Camillo's first marriage to Alana, which I have seen, give his parents' names as Aurelio and Aurelia Ynitia or Unitia.  In these records, without exception, surnames for Indians are their Indian names.  I believe Ynitia to be Coast Miwok name, although it has no literal meaning in Coast Miwok of which I am aware of.  2)  If Camillo's father had been Spanish, he would have been so identified, called a "gente de razon," a person of reason.  3) Also, in this sequence of marriages there are no non-Indians.  4) Furthermore, without exception chilren of non-Indians were given their father's surname, whether or not their parents were married.  Camillo is never referred to as Castro. I can only account for the General Castro story by suggesting that his granchildren and perhaps his children, wished to be descended from a more prominent earlier settler, one with white blood. Camillo and Cayetana's marriage record should give her place of birth and parents.  I have not seen this.  Velina and Camillo were sister and brother.   Velina (Velina or Belinda?) was a sister of Camillo.  She who had a son: -Beseion b. ca 1840 m. Carnaciona (probably Incarnacion) b. ca 1843.  Both Veleria and Besedion mentioned in Camillo's will.  Besedion and Carnaciona were living in Sanel Township near Joseph and Maria Antonia Knox in 1880 with their children: -Mary Ann b. ca 1866   -Pantaleona b. ca 1868 -Hosa (Jose) Ramon b. ca 1868, twin of Pantaleona. CAMILLO YNITIA b. 1818 at Olompali, according to descendants, at one time a neophyte.  His granddaughter Anna Willard's application for status as a California Inian in 1928, says Camillo was a son of General Castro, Spanish, and an Indian woman of San Rafael.  In this record he is called Ignacio Camillo.  The General Castro story seems unlikely in view of the marriage record for Camillo Ynitia in October of 1822 (San Rafael Mission) which indentifies him as a son of Aurelia and Aurelia Ynitia or Unitia (both spellings given in the record), born in Omiomi (a "nacion" in the Novato area adjacent to the nacion of Olompali) and baptized in San Francisco. Flack says "Camillo was a neophyte (that is, a baptized Catholic) at the San Rafael Mission and was described as an intelligent, friendly native.  Some historians claim that he could read and write.  This is doubtful, as all deeds in the Marin County Recordeer's Office, which were signed by him, bear only a crossmark as a signature."  Flack continues, (quoting Bancroft's 1890 History of California vol. IV, p. 672, and Munro-Fraser's History of Marin County, 1880, not a very good source for Marin Indian info), "Camillo remains friendly to the whites until the time of the Securlarization of the Missions in 1834.  The Mission Indians left to shift for themselves, and being a prey to the whisky and encroachment of the whites, became resentful and killed settlers, burned crops and ran off stock, until in 1836, Vallejo made a treaty with the Indians and stopped the worst of the depredations." Alice Yarish, quoting William Heath Davis, a San Francisco business man's memoirs:  "I knew this chief who was a fine intelligent, shrewd man.  He often came to San Francisco to purchase goods from Nathan Spear whose agen I then was.  He owned 600 head of cattle, numerous horses and sheep, and was quite a noted  breeder.  He was punctual in meeting his obligations, and because of this .. he was highly esteemed by us all.  He could read and write and keep accounts, having been educated by the Missionaries at San Rafael Arcangel.  He was likewise a wheat raiser and sold his wheat to the Russians (at Fort Ross).  General Vallejo always treated Camillo and Chief Solano with high consideration because it was through these two men that he controlled the numerous Inian tribes without shedding blood. He received the Mexican land grant for Olompali on 22 October 1843 from Governor Micheltorena.  Died May 1856 (Thomas).  "Killed 1855" according to his granddaughter Anna Prarie.  He married first Elana __________, who probably died fairly soon after their marriage.  There is no record of their children in the San Rafael Mission records.  Camillo Ynitia m. 2) descenant.  (However, Anna Willard Tindall, her granddaughter, said on Yucatan.  She is said to have died from a fall from a horse.  The children of Camillo Ynitia and he is wife Cayetana were: - Juan Pablo Ynitia b. 1839, drowned 1851.  (TS) - Maria Antonia Ynitia, b. 1846 at Olompali (Aug. 30 1845, San Rafael, on death certificate), age given as 37 in 1880 on Federal Census when she was designated "I" for Indian, "The last full-blooded A-Pala of the Ynitia lineage."  She died May 22, 1925, at Hopland where she had lived for 20 years, of a cerebral hemorrhage.  "three and a half centuries after Drake landed" (1579).  Buried at Hopland.  Informant:  Mrs Louise Duarte (her daughter) of Hopland (d.c.).  She married in 1857 Joseph Alexander Knox "and joined the family on their new ranch in Sanel township."  (Rancho de Sanel - Sanel is a Pomo word for sweathouse), Mendocino County near Ukiah).  Maria Antonia Ynitia Knox is listed as Mrs. Joe Knox, living at Hopland with two mixed blood children on Kelsey's 1906 census of non-reservation California Indians.  Joseph A. Knox b. 10 Oct. 1831 at Kingston, Lenior Co., North Carolina (TS), (age 38 b. NC, real property worth $1,000 and personal property worth $1,500 in 1870; age 49 in 1880.)  Educated at Harvard, came west in 1851 with his father, brother and a cousin.  Son of Olivia Kirkpatrick and Reuben Knox, a physician who went to Yale and received a degree from Columbia Medical School, practiced in North Carolina and St. Louis, came west with two sons, a newphew, and 6 blacks (one of who may have been S.J. Pinkston).  Reuben Knox was drowned 28 May 1851 when his sloop went down in the San Francisco Bay, perhaps San Pablo Straits.  Reuben's wife apparently remained in North Carolina where she received a letter from her son in 1851.  Joseph Knox was an "alcalde" (Mayor?) in Novato, elected Marin County Justice of the Peace an Associate of the Court of Sessions.  Helped Camillo Ynitia in legal areas and with his will in 1855.  He died before 1905 in Menocino County.  The children of Maria Antonia Ynitia and Joseph Knox were: -Louisa Teresa Knox born about 1860 in Mendocino County (age 10 for census 28 June 1870, an age 20 in 1880).  She is called 1/2 Indian in 1880.  She died 6 Dec. 1933 in Hopland.  She m. first, about 1891 George Marion Young, born 1858-9 in Illinois or Indiana.  He is described on the Great Register for Mendocino County 1894 as 5'6 3/4", complexion light, eyes gray, hair brown, scar on left temple, farmer b. Illinois, residence Hopland, precinct Sanel.  Their children:   -Joseph Young b. Mar 1892 - Juanita N. Young m. Charles W. Thomas.  Among their children was: Robert C. Thomas. He has a daughter and grandchildren. (Second Marraige)-Louisa Teresa m. second John Duarte. who was b. 24 June 1855 and d. 17 December 1924. -Maria A. Knox b. ca 1862 (age 8 for census 28 June 1870) in Mendocino County. -Maxima Antonia Ynitia (Daughter of Camillo Ynitia and Cayetana) b. 18 Nov. 1841 at Olompali, christened 5 Dec. 1841 at the Mission San Rafael (age 30 on 1870 and age 38 on 1880 census).  She died 8 February 1901 (daughter's application 5909).  She married first, 12 June 1854 at San Rafael (at age 13?  Looks like it), or Hopland according to her daughter's application.  Henry Holden Bennett a son of Francis Bennett and ________ Fortinich?  He was born in 1811 or 12, and baptized at San Rafael 12 June 1854.  He died after 6 May 1857 in Menocino Co. Charmaine Burdell says they had two children: -_______ b. 1855 -Mary Cayetana Bennett b. 13 Jan. 1858 Mendocino Co., d. 2 Sept 1938.   She m.  _____ Prarie.  She was living in Ukiah in 1928.  1928 app # 5901, 1928 roll #15809. (second marraige):  Maxima Antonia Ynitia (called Miss Mary Maxima in History of Menocino County an Mary Maxima Camillo on her daughter's 1928 application for status as a California Indian) married second, at Hopland, Henry Willard, b. 1928 (but age 45 on the 1870 census and age 53 on the 1880 census) in Otsego County, New York.  His father was born in Holland and mother born in New York.  Veteran of Stevenson's Regiment.  Arrived in California in 1847, Novato constable in 1855-56.  He died 21 Aug. 1888 in Mendocino County and is (or near San Rafael, according to his daughter Anna Tindall's 1928 app).  He is buried in Hopland Cemetary.  They were living in Sanel Township (PO Sanel) in 1870 and 1880.  All Willards including Mary (Maxima) were listed as white, Mary as Indian, an the children as half Indian and half white.  Their children, all except Mary Cayetana, were living with them at Sanel in 1879 and/or 1880 were:            -Henry Willard Jr. 1928 app 5910, 1920 roll # 21127 b. 16 April 1860 in Mendocino County,            age 20, working on farm in 1880, m. 1891 Mary L. Weiler, b. June 1872, father b. Germany,            mother b. Ireland.  In 1900 Henry and Mary were living at Sanel.  He was a farm laborer in            1910, renting his house.  He had been out of work 8 months in the last year. He was living at            RFD 108 Ukiah in 1928.  He dfied 15 July 1948 in Mendocino County.  Their children living            with them in 1900 were: - Henry Harper Willard roll # 21138 b. 19 Aug. 1892 in Hopland. Mendocino County, living at RFD 108 Ukiah in 1928.  Living in 1975.  He married Ellen Babcock.  Their child: Ellen Willard who married Tom Babcock.  Their children were: -Jeanie Babcock -Patty Babcock -Eddie Babcock -Lorraine (sis) Babcock -Irene E. Babcock married Eugene Locatelli.  Their children: -Ellen Locatelli.  Her children" - Melissa Ramos - Amy Ramos -Robert Locatelli -Judith Ardis Locatelli married Roy Mathers. Their children: -Roellen Mathers married Robert Burns        - Rochel Mathers                       - Rayleen Mathers        - -William Joseph Willard 21139 b. 4 January 1895 (1894 CA Indian census of 1898).  Living at RFD 108 Ukiah in 1928 . -Bessie T. Willard 21140 b. 31 (or 1) Dec. 1896, m. _______ burlingham.  Living at RFD 108 Ukiah in 1928.  She died 9 July 1962 in Mendocino County and is buried in Hopland Cemetary.           -Frank Willard b. June 1862 at Lakeport bpt 30 Oct 1964, Sponsors John Knight and Maria P.           de los Angeles Connor.  Records of Church of the Assumption, Tomales.  18 on 1880 census,           works on farm.  He died 4 June 1907, executed for murder while in San Quentin Prison.           -Helen Willard b. 1864 at Lakeport ("child of Henry willard and Mary A. Maxima Ynitia"),           baptized 30 October 1864 by a priest from the Church of the Assumption.  Records of           the Church of the Assumption, Tomales.  Priests from this church were traveling widely           along the California coast at that time.  She is listed as Ellen Willard on the 1880 census,           age 16, at school.  She married 6 Sept 1885 in Mendocino County Thomas Babcock.           -Charles Willard b. Feb. 1866 CA, age 14, at school in 1880.           -Robert Willard b. 1868 CA, age 12, at school in 1880, ied before 1905.  Buried in           Hopland Cemetery.           -Anna (Annie) Willard, 3/8 1928 app # 5909 b. 16 June 1870, at Hopland, age 10, at school           in 1880.  Buried in Hopland Cemetary.  She married Frank Tindall who died in 1913.           In 1928 Ann Tindall owned and managed a ranch between Ukiah and Hopland.           -Josephine Willard b. 18 Dec. 1872 Mendocino County, died 10 Jan 1873. Buried           Hopland Cemetery.           -Joachin (Joe) Willard b. 24 Mar. 1874, age 6, at school in 1880, Married 1898-            99 Grace T. ________.  He died 22 May 1903 in Menocino County of a gunshot            wound.  He is buried in Hopland Cemetery. (third marriage) Maxima Antonia Ynitia married third Armstrong McCabe.  She died 11 Feb. 1901 in Hopland, Mendocino Co., and is buried in Hopland Cemetery. -"an adopted daughter" of Camillo Ynitia, apparently Mary Aridiana Ynitia, b. ca 1844.  "Indian" (1860 census) m. Samuel John (S.J. on 1860 census) Pingston of Pinston, b. ca 1820, in the "West Indies Islands."  Mary seems too young to have had the children below.  Their children were: -Juan Jose Pinston b. Feb. 1852 "Mul. male" on 1860 census, to whom Camillo Ynitia deeded a portion of Olompali.  He married Maria Mary 27 Aug. 1868. -Mary Adelina Pinston b. 1856, bpt 8 Feb. 1868 at San Rafael Mission.  Witnesses:  Maria G. Sais, an Susana Vesca (Wescott?)  "Mul." (1860 census) married  John Sampson Williams b. 1860 and d. 30 Oct 1940.  Their children were: -John Sampson Williams b. 22 Sept 1886 and d. 1962 -Grace Dorothy Williams b. 9 July 1888 and d. 1900 -Mary Louisa Williams b. 3 Sept. 1890.  She married Joe La Forge.  No children. -George Washington Williams b. 9 June 1892, d. 5 Mar. 1960.  He married Lena Mary Evangelistis b. 13 Mar. 1905.  Their child was: Joyce Delorse Williams b. 10 Feb. 1931 who married Feorge Eugene Peres b. 11 March 1932.  Their children are: -Anne-Marie Christine Peres b. 3 May 1968 -Steve Eugene Peres b. 8 Jan 1970 -Teresa Delores Peres b. 26 Aug. 1972 -Amanda Malvina Pinkston bpt. 30 Dec. 1856 at Mission San Rafael.   Camillo Ynitia m. third marriage, on 5 June 1852 (or 1856 TS) Susanna (Or Susana or Susane) Marie____________, "a 12 or 13 ears Indian."  TS believes there may have been a child from this marriage, but I have found no other evience of this.  On August 13, 1852, Camillo Ynitia and wife Susane sold a greater part of their ranch to James Black for $52000, keeping a portion in the southeast in 1856.  He made his will on September 28, 1866 an on September 22, 1856 his will was submitted for probate.  He left this tract, called Apalacocha, to his daughter axima and her husband, Henry Holden Bennett, with the proviso that they should maintain the younger daughter Marian Antonia then unmarried, and Camillos aged sister Velina.  On his death, Camillo left his wife Susanna a sum of money, three yoke of oxen, two tame horses and some pigs. (Flack) That at least one of Camillo's daughter bore no ill will toward Susanna, their stepmother, who was probably considerably younger than she was, is evidenced by the following:  When Maxima sold her interest in the land to John Knight in 1860 she reserved the right for Susana 'to build a house and reside on a part of the land called Apalacocha--the place near the top of a hill where there is a spring of water, an some land now cultivated adjacent to the boundry line of the Rancho called Novato, until she remarries or for the rest of her natural life."  (Yarish) A different version of Camillo's death is as follows:  "According to Steven Richardson, son of a Marin pioneer, Camillo buried his money as the easiest way of keeping it, but it ultimately proved his undoing.   Every "sure thing" man of the day strove in vain to get some inkling of the hiding place.  A woman tried her luck by making violent love to Camillo.  Enraged at her ill success she waylaid Camillo and shot him wtih an arrow through the heart."  (Yarish) Sources: Thomas, Robert C: Drake at Olompali.  A-Pala Press, San Francisco, CA  1979.  pp 5, 8, 43.  He calls Camillo the son of Chief Ynitia and the grandson of A-pala chiefs, and Cayetana the daughter of Chief Marin and granddaughter of Oye chiefs. Mason, Jack:  Early Marin.  Marin County Historical Society, 1971. pp. 122-127.  Mason says Camillo was the son of Chief Olompali" who befriended an exploring party from the Presidio in 1775. Carlson, Pamela McGuire and E. Breck Parkman:  "An Exceptional Adaptation:  Camillo Ynitia."  In California History, vol. LXVI, no. 4, Dec 1986 (California Historical Society), pp238-247. Charmain Burdell provided additional information on the daughters of Camillo Ynitia and their families (see family group sheets) Recors of Ted (Edwin) Sliney, San Rafael.  (TS).  Note:  look at "The Pursuit of an Indian Chief" by Dorothy H. Huggins, California Folklore Quarterly vol. 4 no. 2 April 1945 (MCC Library) about "Chief Marin".   The 1860 Federal Census for California gives: A Jos. N. Knox, Ukiah, Mendocino County, age 28, farmer, b. North Carolina.  Maria not listed.  This is Joseph Knox above.  1870 census, Sanel Township, Mendocino County, CA ED p. 4 (or 9) (Knox and Willard) 1880 census, Sanel, Sanel Township, Mendocino County, roll 93, ED 751, p. 4. Henry Willard Jr.  No other Willards nor Joseph Knox on index to 1900 CA census.  Did not search Indian listings several pp. after this listing. CA Indian Census of 1928. Joyce Peres, Sacramento Records of the Church of the Assumption, Tomales Records of San Rafael Mission, San Rafael Applications for inclusion on the California Indian census rolls, 1928. Flack, C.J. Olompali Rancho.  Typescript dated 1937, source unknown.  (courtasy of Carol Gerans) Yarish, Alice The Legend of Buried Treasure Still Persists at Burdell Ranch.  Newspaper article (probably Inepenent Journal or Pacific Sun) dated May 27, 1960.  (courtasy of Carol Gerans) Note:  Check S. J. Pinkston on Census.  I checked J. Pinkston.  Try 1880 and 1900.          Check North Carolina CFI for Joseph Knox and New York CFI for Henry Willard.  Also, 1840 Offtsego Co. for Willards. Copy to Dr. Robert Thomas, 1790 26th Ave., SF 94111; Dennis Barela 4-26-87; Ted Sliney 10-17-87; Fred Lew, Olompali State Park 10-8-91 and 8-21-94; Jeanne Billy 11-28-93; Judy Mathers 1909 Pine Meadow Drive., Santa Rosa 95403 7-15-94; Roellen Burns 8-21-94; Carol Gerans 8-21-94. Sylvia B. Thalman 9 Mt. Tenaya Ct. San Rafael, CA  94903.  415-479-3281.  Corrections and aditions appreciated.  8-21-94. -- Lucina Vidauri Professional Scopist Services 415-876-9298

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