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Bronze Sculpture by Will Pettee of WJP Studios,
Monterey, California

About the artist


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A few years ago, myself and a group of individuals recognized the lack of Coast Miwok representation in Marin County. We embarked on a search for a Native American bronze statue artist, but our efforts proved fruitless. Eventually, we visited the Berkeley Foundry and discovered Will, who presented his clay model of the statue and captured our hearts. Will spent hours researching the Coast Miwok to come up with the Dancer, Will's artistic style aligned with our vision, leading us commit to his talent. Will's deep respect for Native American culture, nurtured since childhood, by his mother, who used to frequent the Pow Wows with him as a child growing up, and it is evident in his remarkable artwork.  we have been very Happy with Will Pettee.

                                                                                         THE PROJECT 

  • A fundraising effort is underway to support the commission and installation of a statue to Comemmorate the Miwok People Past and Present Day of Marin County.   To date, we have raised over $20,000 for the design and making of the first steps of making both bronze statue, which includes designing a maquette first.  We now have two wonderful maquettes (prototype) that we are promoting.

  • This statue honors the Miwok People of Marin County, Past and Present-day, whose presence has been documented for thousands of years.  

  • This statue will be a source of pride to the Miwok People of Marin County and will engage the public in a fuller appreciation of art, culture, and heritage. 

  • The organizers invite individuals, businesses, and organizations to make any monetary contribution to this project. 

  • The organizers also are happy to show you the 3D prototype in assistance of effort to help get the contributions necessary to make our vision come to life! 

  • We are available anytime In ZOOM!

  • We are a nonprofit in Marin County called Coast Miwok of Southern Marin.   All donations are fully deductible.  Our tax ID number is: 84-3357267

  • You can make a donation via the GoFundMe below or you can contact us for direct bank information for the nonprofit.  



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