Blog: I'm amazed and excited to see the support the Project and the Coast Miwok People are getting from the community of Marin at the Farmers Market! The talks have all been heartfelt from people! And everyone agrees there has been a revival of the awareness of the Coast Miwok of Marin County! This is exciting! Hope to keep the momentum going and get the statue built! 100% the community people that I spoke with think the Statue is beautiful and much needed in Marin County!

39 views3 comments Pass it on! Seeking businesses to pledge 1K each in June! Join the June Businesses Pledge Challenge!

THE CHALLENGE: Pledge $1,000 per business. Nonprofit writeoff. Direct deposit using Zelle, into nonprofit Statue specific account! Or Venmo, Visa, M/C... or any forms of donations! Join the $1,000 challenge! Please Copy and Paste to Share! or use Snip!

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