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But now my mindset has been filled with hope:

POST WHEN PAGE FIRST STARTED: (I have a little different perspective now and more hope that traditional ways will come back and be shared!)

From 2017: "Published by Lucina Vidauri · January 4, 2017 · If you would like to help, please spread this page on yours and invite all. We are not pretending, we can't bring them back. We are here to leave a footprint and to turn out the light. We are almost all gone, the Coast Miwok of Southern, Marin Ynitia heritage. There are not many of us left, yes, a handful or less. We would just like to make sure that it is known in Marin County, and other surrounding counties, that there once was a People here, a very large group, that were here for thousands of years. A very noble people, customary, simple, kind, peaceful, and believed in taking care of the earth. But the blood of these People are now almost gone. Please share in remembrance and honorary tribute to these People. They were here for a V E R Y L O N G time, and now almost gone. We really need to honor the Keepers of the Earth in previous centuries. With this page, we hope to help leave a footprint. So many people ask, "Where are they all?" And the truth is they are all almost gone. We are the last to hear the oral histories the way the Miwok passed down history. Here to turn out the light!"

I actually now feel the light turning back on and ever so grateful!

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