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Why did Marin County recently mow over the Local Coast Miwoks and Call on the Graton? Unbeiveable! The Graton have no descendents here. They need to stick with their Pomo. They can care less about Marin. Try getting them out to one of your functions!

Why not call the Local Miwok? Because Graton is Federally recognized but that has nothing to do with it! THEY DON'T BELONG HERE NOR DOES THEIR VOICE. They are NOT Coast Miwok, except a few from Bodega Bay which is Sonoma County. If they tell you different, they are lying. (they need to show proof! I have all my proof!) Yes, it's very complicated. This is why I stay out of it all. I know that Marin County is going to use me, use me for Zooms, use me for voice here and there, board meetings, etc., and then mow right over me in the end to the Graton! I despise the Graton Casino Criminal Tribe.

It's this Liz's choice to call the Graton when she knows all of us, the local Coast Miwok, personally and should be consulting with us. This make me so very upset.

Greg Saris may not even be Native. Since the getgo their are a group of egotystical, lying theives. But people still call them... People just don't know. unbelieveable!

I chose not to be a part of the Graton when I found out they were having a casino! They lied to me and told me they wouldn't be having a casino but then they did. That's they ONLY reason they formed a tribe was to own the casino and steal from people with Gambling weaknesses. It's proven the casino has brought more crime to the area.

Thank you, Liz, for mowing the Miwoks right over. You know better. You know the true Miwoks who should have been consulted. All of us. I don't agree with Awani Wi, but that's my opinion and choice, not the Graton's to make! I don't know about Olema Trail. I like Coast Miwok Trail!

Please don't call on me if you are just going to use me and then Call the Graton in the end. Everyone knows they never have returned calls to people who have tried to reach out and they have been in Marin maybe three times in the last 15 years that I know of. Maybe four. They don't belong here! They are trying to wipe out the Coast Miwok and absorb them all into a Pomo Tribe. I love the Pomo, they are our brothers and sisters, but don't come down here acting like Coast Miwoks when you are 98 percent Pomo! The local Coast Miwoks put all this time, effort and work into helping out, show up at rallies (where's the Graton???), do all this only to get the Ultimate Disrespect of Looking Right Past Us! This is what happened to our ancestors and it's still happening now! We, the Coast Miwoks of Marin, are getting pushed out of Marin, just like in the past. They take a ghost tribe who is 98 percent Pomo, who no one even knows!??? Really, Marin????

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